Monday, August 22, 2011

YES + Rajpura supporting Anna Hazare

Mere desh ki dharti sona ugle , ugle here moti mere desh ki dharti
this was the era when india was known as the golden bird.

and now we are 124th in rank according to world bank in ecomony
Its been 64 years we got independence, but still we are slaves of ignorance ,poverty ,Corruption
but then 1st time in  Indian history a man stood up and took action named as anna hazare.
(retired  army personnel ) against prevailing diseases in india.

And soon whole country joined him with the agenda of eradicating corruption . and not to forget the the biggest NGO  Art Of Living , came forward to support the  league against corruption

Art of living rajpura, initiated the tycoon of awareness in the city with peacefull rallys and candle march
followed by a YES+ special follow up dedicated to beloved India.

Follow up commenced with entry of Superhero Mr. Sunil Gambhir with his Beautiful wife Ms. Anjana Gambhir. The aura in the hall became so enthusiastic and energetic with the  slogans of

The session was followed by a new game  with goal of saying “JAI HIND” at  very tricky moments .
and obvious our favourite Surya-Namaskar J and meditation

then came awesomely awesome Sudarshan –Kriya.
this time kriya was dedicated to our pride nation India.

then came knowledge points from sir which stirred and evoked our sleeping side for the country.

we are the Youth, its time to raise your voice against injustice, it’s the lucky time we can be called as freedom fighters who participated to make india a free country from evils of corruption and  poverty.
this is the time to stand up and take action.
coz we know


                                       JAI HIND
                                       Joy Guru Deva


  1. YES+ Rajpura Team is Really F+A+S+T

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    I've joined YES+ on Sep13,2011, But i think its too late for me.......Bcos Kash ye Precious gift mujhe kafi pehle mil jana chahiye tha. I am feeling veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Lucky to being part of entire family of YES+.

    1stly i would like to thanks our COURSE TEACHERS & ENTIRE GROUP OF AR OF LIVING..........
    Now i have learnt very gorgeous & Huge expertise.
    JOY GURU DEVA.....................

  4. JOY GURU DEVA.....
    Yesterday, my YES+ course as first step has complete, but i have eager to learn more more & more precious things from my GURU's & City Coordinator of YES+RAJPURA.
    I think When i joined the 13th Sep 2011's batch, i had nothing to improvement in myself. But with your blessings, I've improved many things in my life just in 6 days.
    But its not enough, I want to learn many more & will use & apply in my whole life.
    ThankYou from bottom of my heart......
    ............JOY GURU DEVA............ (Renu)